Chandler Helmholz - PGA Teaching Professional

A Bay Area resident for over 30 years, Chandler has 28 years of golf experience with 8 years teaching at the professional level beginning at Green Valley Country Club. Chandler’s teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of a correct grip, posture, and setup while incorporating concepts and ideas regarding swing plane and impact position from the minds of Dave Pelz, Butch Harmon, Bob Toski, Jim Hardy, Martin Chuck, Tim Mahoney, Dave Stockton, and Harvey Penick.
After earning his Class “A” PGA Membership in June 2016, Chandler moved to Scottsdale, AZ to improve his skill set and further refine his teaching philosophy. At Troon North Golf Club, Chandler earned the sole assistant position for Tim Mahoney, PGA, Director of Instruction for Troon Golf, top 50 golf instructor, Golf Digest contributing author, and coach of Tom Purtzer and David Duval. Ultimately, Chandler’s love for the Napa Valley has led him back to the Bay Area to pursue his passion, helping golfer’s play their best.
Chandler teaches using TrackMan 4 technology offering dual camera angles with instant replay of your swing from face-on and down the line. Every shot from your session is saved in your TrackMan account along with all of your videos and TrackMan data. Shot dispersion charts, trajectory lines, and voice over screen cast reviews are also included with every session. Cause and effect is clearly explained using immediate visual feedback. Contact Chandler below to schedule a TrackMan golf lesson.


Contact Information
(925) 586-7592