2019 Program
Open to the General Public!

Join the Chardonnay Golf Club & Vineyards Men’s Club for a great blend of camaraderie, networking and friendly competition! 

We combine the reasonable pricing of a daily fee/public club, with the extensive programming and quality events of a private club. It’s the best of both worlds!

Men's Club Events for 2019

Below is the anticipated schedule for the 2019 Season! Except for the NCGA events, the Match Play and Stroke Play, guests will be invited!

Men's Club 2019 Schedule  
Day Date   Tournament/Event Name Golf Start Time
Sat 2/23   2 Man Scramble 8:06 AM
Sat 3/23   2 Man NCGA Qualifier 7:30 AM
Sat 4/20   4 Man NCGA Qualifier 8:06 AM
Sat 5/25   Individual 3 Tee 8:06 AM
Sat 6/22   Individual NCGA 7:30 AM
Sat 7/13   2 Man Shamble 7:30 AM
Sat 8/17   Member Guest 7:30 AM
Sat 9/7   Stroke Play Club Championship 1st Rd 7:30 AM
Sun 9/8   Stroke Play Club Championship 2nd Rd 7:30 AM
Sat 10/12   Skins 7:30 AM
Sat 11/16   2 Man 666 8:06 AM
Sat 12/14   2 Skins 8:06 AM


Chardonnay Golf Club typically will have a max index of 21.4 for all events. For those who qualify for the “90 Rule,” (Age + Index = 90 or more,) we do allow them to play from the Magnum Tees.


For all events with 12 or more players, no less than two (2) places will be paid out to "low gross." If 20 players, another place will be paid out and so on, If a player does better in Net Division, PF/Points will go that way first.

Chardonnay Men's Club "Skins Game"
  The Men's Club will have "Skins games" at the Club (weather permitting) at the following times:
- Tuesday: First tee time @ 7:12 and 7:21.
- Thursday: First tee time @ 7:12 and 7:21.
- Saturday: First tee time @ 7:12 and 7:21.
- Sunday: First tee time @ 7:12 and 7:21.

The cost will be $55, which will include the Green Fee, Cart, range and $15 buy-in.

The "Skins Game" will be played from the mix of tees based on age and handicapp.